Sunday, April 18, 2010

Soba Noodles with Vegetables

Soba Noodles with Fresh Vegetables

8 ounces dried soba noodles

1 to 2 Tbsp. olive oil

1/4 cup diced shallots

1/4 cup chopped red bell pepper

1/4 cup chopped yellow or orange bell pepper

1/4 cup chopped asparagus

1 to 2 tbsp. Bragg's All Natural Liquid Aminos

Salt & pepper to taste

Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes

Boil a large pot of water and cook soba noodles per packet instructions or until just tender (about 5 minutes). Drain and set aside.

While the water is coming to a boil, in a skillet add 1 to 2 tbsp. of olive oil and begin to lightly saute the shallots, after about two minutes begin to add your chopped vegetables and season to taste with a little Bragg's sauce, salt and pepper. Continue to cook vegetables until tender -- another 4-5 minutes. You don't want to cook the vegetables beyond the point of being "al dente" or until tender and crisp because you will lose the complexity and flavor of the dish!

Now at this point, you can simply stir in the soba noodles. Remove from heat. You are ready to serve, just simply sprinkle with parmesan cheese and a dash of red pepper flakes.

Oh and just for your information.....soba yields 344 kcal of energy. In terms of essential amino acids, soba scores higher than pasta or bread. Soba includes a lot of lysine, and therefore a good balance of amino acids.

Soba contains a type of polysaccharide that is easily digested and assimilated. Soba noodles also contain rutin, an antioxidation ingredient, one of the flavonoids, and choline. Soba has other antioxidation ingredients beside rutin, notably quercetin, proto catechu aldehyde. Choline is needed to make acetylcholine, which is used in the brain and affects memory and intelligence. Soba also contains many water-soluble vitamins like thiamine (about twice that of polished rice) and riboflavin.

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This is looking like wonderful noodles. Generally I am not eat much noodles. But if it is made from healthy vegetables, I would like to eat it. It's recipe is nice.

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