Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wine of the Week--Alice White Lexia

Ever find yourself taking wine a bit too seriously? Oh sure, there may be a subtle nuance or two in this Australian Muscat, but don't hurt yourself trying to find them. Instead, just go out on the patio, find a sunny spot, and enjoy! Peaches, apricots, honeysuckle, no oak, no malolactic fermentation, no sur lees aging, no winemaker hocus-pocus, nothing to get between you and the actual taste of the grape. A truly delicious bottle of wine. Very low in alcohol (10%) so you can have that second glass (or third?) Want to pair it with food? Ok, here you go trying to think again, but asian cuisine or a fruit based dessert will work wonderfully. And here's the best in San Diego, Henry's has this on sale for 2/$7.00. That's right, $3.50 per bottle! Will it ever be on The Wine Spectator Top 100? Nope. Should it be in your fridge next weekend? Yep.

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