Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wine of the Week- Clois du Bois Calcaire

Seventy two countries produce wine in the world, and the saying "so much wine, so little time" certainly holds true. I have a personal goal to try a wine from every one of those countries and I'm really looking forward to that Kallmet from Albania! It's rare that I buy the same wine twice in a row (messes up my goal timetable) but the Clos Du Bois Calcaire was worth it. Clos Du Bois produces three levels of wine under different labels. The one you see most often in supermarkets is the modestly priced Classic Series. There is also the Sonoma Reserve and the Proprietary Series of Marlstone (Bordeaux blend), Briarcrest (Cabernet) , and Calcaire (Chardonnay). I'm a fan of big wines, but sometimes the buttery oakey nature of a "big" chardonnay is simply a function of the winemaker creating that style with technique, sometimes to hide the fact that the grapes were unable to stand on their own. This is not the case here. The first thing that strikes you is the remarkable color. A brilliant, yellow gold. On the nose, the aromas of baked apple, creme brulee, and pear are quite seductive, but not to the point of obscuring the varietal character. It has that creamy, toasty characteristic achieved from malolactic fermentation, but there's still good acidity behind it. A very well made and well balanced wine. BevMo, about $20.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on trying that wine from Albania.
Kallmet it is saying to be the granddaddy of Kadarka in Hungary. I tried Kallmet in Albania from Kantina Arberi and was not bad a all especially their 2005 Reserve. Also tried other product from this winery all of exceptional quality. I searched internet and I was able to find this:
I was wondering if they do export in Europe or USA.

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