Monday, July 26, 2010

Bouchon Beverly Hills

Well my wife and I finally took the dine at the recently opened Bouchon in Beverly Hills. The opening back in November 2009 was Thomas Keller's latest Parisian bistro, and having had many missed attempts to visit the legendary French Laundry in Yountville, we were determined to not miss the opportunity.

A few months prior to our dinner I happened to thumb through Thomas Keller's French bistro cookbook entitled simply "Bouchon", and to my surprise, this tome actually publishes it's own restaurant recipes. I made his labor intensive Leek Roquefort quiche (our creations were vastly different in appearance due primarily to using a 1/2 inch tart pan vs. his preferred 2" pan). I was interested in ordering the dish and comparing it to my own attempt, but in the end we ordered the Moules au Safran and Saumon aux Poireaux for our entrees. This was followed by Pot de Creme for our dessert (which was amazing).

Although we enjoyed our meal, the highlight of our evening was a tour of the kitchen by the very accommodating Assistant GM, and some quality time with the pastry chef, Scott Wheatfill. The kitchen was absolutely spotless @7:00pm, the prep folks having already left with their vats of stock completed and pots scrubbed and waiting for the next morning prep. We were told this was a hallmark of a Keller kitchen.

ALL the breads are made in their kitchen. This includes the epi which is their signature baguette intricately scissor cut in the shape of a wheat stalk. The quiche pastry, brioche, desserts, and croutons are all created in the Keller kitchen.

Truly unique was a 41" flat screen positioned prominently above the workstations. A live feed from the kitchen of the Las Vegas Venetian outpost of Bouchon was displayed. The ability to gather synergies and ostensibly provide training among the teams was the intent. It was a neat a concept and Vegas like in its sizzle. We were told that the original Bouchon in Napa Valley would be added at a later date.

If you find yourself in LA with an opportunity to visit so. And ask for a kitchen tour, it is a core component of the Bouchon experience!

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Mike said...

thanks Stan for sharing a taste of LA and world class food with us. I hope Thomas can get some cooking done with all the people stomping through his kitchen because of your suggestion.

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