Thursday, July 15, 2010

Farm to Table Cooking Class at Williams-Sonoma

Williams Sonoma,,  has complimentary cooking classes that are offered on a weekly basis.  The first of many that I will be attending!  Yesterday's class was on the topic of Farm to Table which happens to be near and dear to my heart (hopefully, if you are reading this it is to you as well).  Farm to table encompasses so much starting with farmers that bring us fresh and seasonal produce that has been protected from the abuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Also, this farm to table movement encourages our ranchers to allow their animals like cattle and pigs to graze more freely on pasture as opposed to confining them to smaller and perhaps even unclean areas.  These things that I have referred to have also "opened the doors of creativity"  to the chefs of America by incorporating more seasonal and market-based food into their menus.

To recap on some of the Tips for Market that were presented in this class:

1)  Experiment and buy something new.  Don't be afraid to experiment and let your creativity go wild!
2)  Be flexible.  In other words, perhaps were thinking of having a dinner party and you had a set "menu" in mind.  Be flexible in changing your mind in case the items you need happen not to be in season.
3) Taste before you buy.  Vendors at farmers' markets normally offer samples of the products they are offering.  So, before you buy it, try it first.  Through sampling new items you may be "turned on" to something unexpected and tasty.
4)  Bring your own bags.  What better way to start making your mark on being environmentally smart than by having your own bag with you to carry your new purchases.  If you happen not to be heading home right away, bring a small ice chest with you to keep it all fresh!

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