Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mission Hills: A Treasure of a Farmers’ Market

The Mission Hills Farmers’ Market is sponsored by the Mission Hills Business Improvement District, whose primary mission is to provide enhanced growth to businesses in the Mission Hills area. Ron LaChance, the farmers’ market manager, is doing his part by providing a wide range of wholesome products to fuel the neighborhood.

Although this farmers’ market has been on the scene for only 2 to 3 months now, it has developed a great presence.  At this point, there are 13 certified growers, 5 of which are certified organic.  Certified organic means that these farmers have had to obtain organic certification for their organic agricultural products from the Farm Bureau of San Diego County (this varies from county to county).  Certification requires meeting strict standards for pest control, soil building, and enrichment.

In addition to the certified growers, 16 “non-grower” vendors sell fish, cheese, breads, flowers and other products.  The charming street is burgeoning with these knowledgeable and helpful vendors,  making a walk down Falcon Street a refreshing and leisurely one.  It is a great way to spend a Friday afternoon for yet another reason.   Approximately once a month, tickets go on sale for “Shop with the chef“ which involves walking with a chef from a local restaurant such as Olivetto as he or she makes market purchases.  This offers a unique opportunity to see through the eyes of a chef, and you could be enjoying chosen sumptuous bounty for dinner!

More people are recognizing that farmers’ markets across the county are treasures like this one in Mission Hills that collaborates with local chefs by providing nutritional education.  Our community benefits from purchasing fresh products at reasonable prices and gets an opportunity to see how meals can be prepared with the purchases made. Take the time to stop by the market on Tuesday afternoons from 3-7 PM.
Lettuce & Eggplants at the Market

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