Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Muang Lao Market -- Laoatian Cuisine with a Taste of Thai

I'm on a quest to make Pad Thai and Gai Tom Kha Soup from an authentic Thai market here in town.  (Once I've successfully made these, I will make others too and keep you posted).  This market was absolutely great.  Clearly there are ingredients here that you couldn't get at Vons or Albertsons and you can't beat the price either.  The owners of the market are from Laos, Thailand and were extremely helpful and willing to give cooking tips.  The owner, who assisted me in the "checking out" process asked what I was making.  When I told her that I wanted to learn how to make delicious Gai Tom Kha Soup and Pad Thai, she kinda smirked, at which point I let her know that regardless how good mine came out, it wouldn't compare to her own.  She smiled again and said, "Of course not, but you try".  I let her know that I would be coming back in the near future and she said, "Very nice".  She also turned me on to some other ingredients that you don't see in our local grocery stores like Yard long beans (almost like our green beans but much longer),  Kaffir Lime Leaves and Tam Ling which look like small grape vines.  Once I make my dishes, I will post them on the blog....

Muang Lao Thai Market
Thai Ingredients

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hi Lyds! I totally wouldn't mind being your "guinea pig" and tasting this dish! ;o)


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