Thursday, December 30, 2010

And Reality Starts to Kick In.....

Well, here I am again -- as so many others, I too have taken a little time off to enjoy the festivities that this wonderful holiday season has to offer.  But, yes in the not to far off distant future -- another year begins.  Another year of promises and aspirations, a year of doing things better and setting higher goals for ourselves, eating better, exercising better, sleeping better, etc. -- I mean isn't that what resolutions are all about?  With all of the latest news on the risks of obesity -- which is something that is not new information -- just more readily available, there is also something else to think about.  How about our brains?  How does food affect how we think, don't you remember always hearing your mother say, "Don't forget to eat a good breakfast before you go to school or work".  Mom was right -- again.
Larry McCleary, M.D. and author of "The Brain Trust Program" talks about the importance of choosing fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins as opposed to trans fats.  He says that trans fats actually diminish brain cells' ability to communicate with each other.  Also, high-fructose corn syrup -- one of the dreaded ingredients used now so frequently in processed foods -- can do some major cell damage. So let's really try (this goes for me too) to make a resolution that we can keep by cutting out the amount of processed foods we consume.  These foods not only contribute to the prevalence of obesity and just plain 'ol being unmotivated to exercise, but can keep you from attaining your maximum brain power.  Yikes -- let's make it a smarter year for everyone!

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