Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wander to Vagabond to Taste the World

We thoroughly enjoyed this nice little restaurant find in South Park – a beautiful little neighborhood in San Diego.  The Vagabond has some distinguishing characteristics in its “layout” as it is subdivided by various cultures represented such as French, Asian, Caribbean and Morrocan – depending where you sit of course.  So one can certainly get a sense of what a Vagabond is – a wanderer or one who moves from place to place.   But, let’s get to the good stuff:  the Food! 
We ordered three appetizers: the Kung-Pao Calamari which was simply put – bursting with the flavors from their wonderful spicy hoisin sauce, the fig crostini which was delicious and the scrumptious Truffle Pomme Frites.  Then, came the entrees – delightful!  The Achiote Braised Boneless Beef Shortribs were well seasoned and the meat itself was ever so tender.  The shortribs also went nicely with our Justin Cabernet Sauvignon!  The Brazilian Moqueca or seafood stew had a sumptuous and silky sauce that made it really hard to resist, as you just wanted to drink the sauce that the stew was made in.  We didn’t even get to dessert, as there was no room for it – but we may need to go back again and sample those. This would be a great place to go for a nice dinner or happy hour as the bar itself is so inviting.  If you are in the mood to travel, what better inspiration than this place!  Try it out; I believe you will be pleased.

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