Thursday, January 20, 2011

Barrio Star Mexican Food

Realizing that Restaurant Week would be here and gone in a flash, I at least have had the chance to go to Barrio Star Mexican Soul Food in Hillcrest.   For a mere $20 a couple of friends and I enjoyed a delicious and yes, healthy and hearty Mexican 3-course meal.   My meal consisted of a First/Appetizer Course, a Second/Main Course and Third/Dessert Course.  I myself being of Mexican descent and also being a pretty good cook appreciated the hard work and nice flavor combinations in the food.   
I tried the Pozole, which was a homemade red chile Pozole consisting of red chilis, beef, hominy and red cabbage.  (By the way, making Pozole is a labor of love, but it is well worth it)!  I also enjoyed the Artichoke and Cheese Tamale, which was served with black beans, white rice and corn salsa.  The combination was delicious!  (If I go to a Mexican Restaurant, I rarely order Tamales because they are usually made with too much masa and not enough filling – these were nicely done).  Lastly, I enjoyed Flamed Bananas with whipped cream for dessert.  The Bananas had a wonderfully warm, yummy, carmel-ly topping – quite good. 
I’ve lived in San Diego for a very long time and unfortunately I don’t normally eat out at Mexican Restaurants because I leave feeling full, but not satisfied that I truly “made my calories count”.   What’s missing?  Well, maybe the love of a hot and flavorful salsa or the taste of real homemade beans or the rich flavors of a taco made with really well seasoned shredded pork or beef.   But, I must say in this particular case, we all left pretty content.
You should try this place – I highly recommend it! 
The chef, Isabel Cruz, has done a wonderful job in mixing and melding flavors while at the same time making her food on the healthier side of Mexican food.   That is possible you know.  Oh and I forgot to mention the Margaritas!  They use fresh squeezed limejuice, nice tequila and agave nectar – yeah to a well-made Margie!  Enjoy!

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