Thursday, January 20, 2011

Small changes in Obesity Prevention?

It seems that everywhere you read  -- magazines, books, the daily news, or even on T.V., there is concern over Obesity.  It is everywhere and it has become even inescapable to see everywhere.  This is very disconcerting.  But, one of the most important questions to ask ourselves is what will it truly take to start tackling and continue preventing obesity? 
How can we get our schools, hospitals, churches, jobs and even charities more involved?  This is an extremely difficult issue to handle, yet it takes more than just saying eat less and exercise more.  With an abundance of research conducted on this topic, there seems to be various answers with one answer not being the right one.   After all, obesity is more complex than one answer.
Currently, there are some wonderful organizations out there that are already making a difference.  Kaiser Permanente for one has worked on a Healthy Eating Active Living Program with children and their families.  Also, many companies now offer their employees incentives for leading healthier lifestyles and better nutritional choices in their cafeterias and lunch places.  But it will take more than this.
Positive changes will not happen overnight, but they need to start out small.  First, there should be family support and encouragement as well as further nutrition education by starting to make even the smallest of changes without becoming too overwhelming.  Whether these small changes mean taking lunches to work, having 1 soda rather than 3 or 4 or even wearing a pedometer to measure the steps you take in a day.  You’ve got to start somewhere.
Currently there are some great initiatives out there such as "the San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative that is a public/private partnership whose mission is to reduce and prevent childhood obesity in San Diego County by creating healthy environments for all children and families through advocacy, education, policy development, and environmental change".
What positive changes and initiatives are going on in your cities, counties and neighborhoods to address obesity prevention?

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Sitting for hours in front of a laptop has its toll. My waist size has gone up from 28 to 40 without me noticing. I learnt SAP and just like my salary, my waist bulged. I would do anything to get this load off and get back to shape. But I never find time to work out.

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