Thursday, January 27, 2011

26 million Americans with Diabesity...

Twenty-six million Americans is an unfathomable number, wouldn't you say?  Then when you see that number linked to a profoundly dangerous disease like diabetes, that should be enough to stop people in their tracks.  Millions of Americans are already affected by prediabetes or rather "diabesity".  True, individuals can live with diabetes, but at what cost?
For most people as they age, quality of life is of utmost importance and rightfully so.   People really want to have richer lives physically, emotionally, financially and so on. What good would it do you to have all the money in the world if you really couldn't enjoy it?  Traveling would be too exhausting and eating would be tightly regimented with really no leeway of enjoying a good meal, especially if you enjoy eating richer, fattier foods and drinking good booze.
This article speaks for itself and hopefully meant to enlighten and give a fresh perspective of the overall importance of paying attention to our nation's health.  Please read this and become more informed for the sake of your health, your loved ones and our future generation....Number of Americans with Diabetes Rises to Nearly 26 Million.
As the writer of those famous books, "Eat This, Not That" by: David Zinczenco, Matt Goulding.
Eat This...................
 Not That....................

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