Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't fear the post...

Okay, so a few nights ago we went to Banker's Hill Restaurant here in San Diego and had a fabulous comfort food meal.  Although, it does contradict my "healthy eating", "childhood obesity" posts -- a naughty meal on a limited basis is okay.   Believe me I have not had a cheeseburger & fries in a very, long time -- but, this one was worth every bite!  Remember, as long as you attempt to be as healthful as possible 80 percent of the time, you can look forward to enjoying "splurgier" foods too. 

Comfort Food Re-Defined

Rain may be good for the crops, but it demands comfort food. Last night, a driving rain drove us to Bankers' Hill Restaurant and Bar.

Although the menu is fairly extensive, we zeroed in on the chicken and dumplings, pot roast, and one of the best burgers of all time. The burger was served with a delectable white cheddar cheese and truffle fries. All of our chatting stopped when the food hit the table, and after a brief silence, we were all sounding like Adam Richman in Man Vs. Food: "oh my goodness, oh my goodness."

We tried each other's entrees and they all were delicious:  kind of like how grandma would make it, if she updated the dishes with super interesting sauces. We also shared a wonderful bottle of Tempranillo which enhanced an already great meal.

Our comfort level was so great, we almost skipped dessert. Which would have been a very uncomfortable mistake. We ordered the S'mores and their classic butterscotch pudding. The S'mores were reminiscent of what you remember as a kid--the toasty, velvety marshmallow covering melted chocolate all sandwiched in an amazingly crunchy graham cracker. But, none of us remembered our scout leaders serving a chocolate sorbet on the side.

The butterscotch pudding made our niece who doesn't like butterscotch convert. The combination of the caramel, whipped cream and the silky pudding itself was tantalizing, along with the shortbread cookies. Between the meal, wine, and desserts, we were blissful. I asked our wonderful server if we could meet the pastry chef, to thank her. The gifted Rachel did come out, and I shared that her desserts were so good that I actually felt tears of joy. She laughed, and I'm not sure whether she gets tears of joy every night:  I wasn't sure whether to bow, erect a small statue on the spot, or how to commemorate this great moment in pastry.

In short, the meal was very good, the dessert even better and the prices were reasonable too.  Try it out - you may become a fan too!

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