Sunday, June 5, 2011

Healthy vs. Unhealthy foods

Obese children perform poorly in exams compared to those who eat healthy foods

By Daily Mail Reporter

Obese children eating unhealthy food are more likely to have poor exam results, an experiment has revealed.

Researchers found that school children eating good food at lunchtime are four times more likely to concentrate in the afternoon.

This led to pupils' exam marks showing a massive improvement with inspection rates by education watchdog Ofsted soaring.
Study: Obese schoolchildren perform poorly in exams compared to those who eat healthier foods

Nearly 4,000 schools took part in the Food For Life Partnership (FFLP).

The research, which was carried out by a team from the University of the West of England, also revealed that pupils' interest in healthy foods had an effect on their eating habits at home and their parents' shopping habits.

It found that serving fresh food instead of harmful fats found in biscuits, burgers and cakes had a quick effect on pupils' academic achievement and behaviour.
Food for thought: Healthy eating has a positive effect on academic performance

Emma Noble, director of FFLP, said: 'This is carrying on the healthy eating project in schools started by Jamie Oliver but this is a longer term project looking at what young people eat in and out of school.

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