Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stop Childhood Obesity

I may have shared this website before, but I like to re-visit it because most
of the information that it contains is so critically important on not only
how to approach childhood obesity, but clear-cut approaches on ways to make things
easier and not so overwhelming! Especially for parents -- the following information
can only help and make things better for everyone concerned!

For example, learn about The Three P’s...

There are three main steps that need to be adhered to in order to get to a healthy weight and stay there.

The three P’s are:

Patience, Planning and Persistence

Patience: This isn’t a race. You aren’t competing against the neighbor’s kids to get your kid in fighting shape by the next wrestling match. Instead, you need to focus on pacing yourself and your child so that the goal of weight loss can be achieved. You want your child to understand the value of patience in everything, and you need to understand that by being patient you are more likely to withstand the downturns when they come and bounce back.

Planning: Just throwing caution to the wind and picking up food at a whim is what got your child where he is today. Planning will take all of the guess work out of what you need to stock in the house so that the weight loss will be automatic. I gained 20 pounds after getting out of the Navy, and I felt gross. When you leave a regimented lifestyle and just pick out whatever sounds appetizing for the moment, you lose. No one can win without a plan. You’ve heard the term "Failing to plan is like planning to fail" right? Well it’s no different here. You absolutely need to plan how to go about losing weight (you and your kids). We are here to help.

Persistence: Persistence is needed in order to see the plan through to completion. Without persistence you are going to fail. Nothing in life comes easy, whether you would like to think so or not. This is especially true in weight loss. Even Kirstie Alley wasn’t able to lose all of her love handles in one try, nor was it immediate. She implemented the three P’s and lost weight (at least the first time).

Short term goals

The best way to feel as though you are making progress in any endeavor is to make short term goals.

How short?

Well, that depends on you. Do you forget what you had planned for the day by lunch time? In that case, make daily and weekly goals. You can also set biweekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

An example of how to make a weekly goal would be:

Instead of trying to get your child down three sizes in the next month, focus on how to get them eating fewer calories in the next week.

Don’t go out for fast food or pizza this week

Make lunches for your child for every day of the week

Make a weekly dinner meal plan that you can actually implement

Go for a 30 minute walk every evening after dinner.

Stop Childhood Obesity

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