Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things to consider before you take a bite....

So, say you are going to work and will be there all day, then later plan to go to the gym or happy hour. What is so difficult about packing zip lock bags of goodie treats like walnuts and raisins? Pistachios and almonds? Or how about a granola bar or two in addition to a banana, apple or pear?

Say what? No time for breakfast in the morning? Why can’t you hard-boil an egg while you take a shower? Mix some Greek or non-fat yogurt with berries and granola -- add a little agave nectar? Wheat toast with hummus; even apple slices with peanut butter? There is no way that that takes longer than 5 minutes.

I’ve found that people in general simply will do what they consider to be most important at the time -- as it should be. But, for some, maybe an extra 15 minutes of sleep or an extra long shower or even talking on the phone before you leave for work in the morning is essential, and maybe it is, but those meals that I just previously mentioned would take no more time than that extra 15 minutes of sleep, shower or phone call.

It is all in how you prioritize! If healthy eating and nutrition is not that important to you, there is no one that will convince you of it until you see that it is worth your time, FACT! So, what will it take to convince America to eat more nutritionally everyday, not only for you, but the next generation?

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