Saturday, June 18, 2011

Try a Few Good Spices....

I typically like to go to Ethnic Markets -- not only because the prices are better, but I really enjoy learning about how other cultures eat and what ingredients they use.

Since I've gladly accepted, "Healing Spices" into my library of food & nutrition I thought I would try a few ingredients that I read about in the book and that I've not used before.

If you are curious too, you can always pick up the book and see how they are used. Not only are the following spices good for your health, but they also have many other benefits! Okay, so once I use them in a recipe -- I will blog about it too.

The following links let you learn a little more about the spice: Ajowan, Asafoetida, Kokum, Curry Leaves and Black Cumin Seed (Kala Jeera).

Oh, by the way, the market I went to is called Spice Court and it is in the Little India shopping mall off Black Mountain Road in San Diego.

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