Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to basics: The return from vacation

The time spent in Mexico -- on vacation -- was well spent.  Yes, returning to one's routine is not always a comforting thing, especially when food restrictions are involved, but why should there have to be a restriction?  Eating healthy, nutritious meals should be a part of your routine anyway!  Whether or not you have a potential weight issue or not -- there is nothing like feeling your best to get through your day.  But here are a few nice food shots from one of our favorite meals in Mexico.  (Afterall, when you think about Mexican food, the rice, beans, lean proteins, veggies, spices, and corn tortillas are the basic ingredients!  Its the additional cheese, lard, sour cream and guacamole that add the calories and make your food potentially unhealthy for you!  But, it doesn't have to be that way -- remember, everything in moderation)!

Classic Chicken Mole

Stuffed Chile Relleno

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