Thursday, July 14, 2011

Healthy Links to Eating Right

With so many links out in the internet world that can connect you to healthier living, it is no wonder that it can be overwhelming.  Childhood obesity has gained worldwide attention, as it should, for it is of great concern.  But, how many people spend long periods of time on the computer reading about how to make their lives healthier and have their children eat the right kinds of foods, in particular children that come from a lower socioeconomic demographic.  Any thoughts on this? 
What can we do in our neighborhoods, schools and businesses to reach out to those of the population that need it most?  This is a difficult situation that needs continual thought and attempted resolution.  It is inspiring to see what cities throughout this country have done to make a difference in improving the lives of their children.  See what some of them are doing and get inspired too!

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