Friday, August 24, 2012

An Adventure in Food One Country at a Time

I've been asked before what my obsession with food is from various friends and family. I imagine it has so much to do with what you are exposed to growing up, right? Was your mom or dad a great cook, or were you tired of eating bland food and somewhere along the way you were exposed to really tasty food, so you wanted to eat that way as well. Then there is the cultural thing. What do other cultures eat? What is their comfort food? Is it healthy or not? Is it spicy or not? On that note, my idea is to try and run through various countries and see what their typical "street" food is like and what spices they use.

Another thing to consider as well is that every country has its own regional food. Mexico, for instance, has the Yucatan region that has culinary influences from the local Mayan culture and even some French and Middle Eastern and Caribbean. That region serves food quite differently than Mexico City or Northern Mexico for instance. All delicious and nutritious and worth eating at least once I'm sure. I will try and go through one country at a time and a particular region within that country. So, first on the list: Mexico City and tacos!

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