Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bon Appetit's: Kerala-Style Beef Stew

I made this wonderfully flavorful stew this weekend. It was very delicious, the only thing I changed were the type of chilies I used.  I used Thai Chilies (pictured next to stew) from the Laos Market that I go to here in town called Muang Lao Market. The owners are from Laos, which is a little country next to Thailand. They have wonderful ingredients for the makings of a terrific curry for example. They have so much more too, but curry is a favorite in our household.  In addition to the stew, I also made a beet salad with green beans and roasted red bell peppers in a vinaigrette and a few pistachios.


Anonymous said...

Did you buy 1.5 lb. of cut stew meat or a 1.5 lb
beef chuck roast?

Lydia said...


I used beef chuck roast, although I am sure you can use stew meat as well.

Hope you like it, enjoy.

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