Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Madrid, Spain: Tapas

This u tube video gives a description of what it is like to eat Tapas in Spain. Spaniards in general eat very late, but they like to eat small "bites" going from one bar/restaurant to the next.  Many of the Spanish culinary influences come from various places such as France and Morocco, but each region of Spain has its own version of a Tapa that involve various vegetables and meats and seafood.
Some other culinary influences brought to Spain by the Phoenicians were sauces and the Greeks brought their olives and olive oils (could also have been the Romans). Because the Moors ruled in Spain for over five hundred years, they had a tremendous influence by bringing nuts, mixed fruits, fish, meats, gazpacho and rice dishes which one would definitely see in the famous Paella dishes. Then, spices also made their mark with nutmeg, saffron and cinnamon.
Here is a list of some of their tapas:
Aceitunas Negras Aliñadas - Marinated black olives
Aceitunas Verdes Aliñadas - Marinated green olives
Albondigas - Tasty pork balls in a garlic tomato based sauce
Almejas al Diablo - Clams in a spicy tomato sauce
This is just to name a few....but, there are so many more.

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