Thursday, August 23, 2012

Olivewood Gardens: Making Vegetable Frittatas

Yesterday was a day spent at Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center where I am a kitchen volunteer from time to time. The kitchen "helpers" were 3rd graders that learned about frittatas and what ingredients it takes to make them. They were encouraged to participate in various ways by identifying the vegetables that came from the garden, where eggs come from and simple rules that involved washing their hands first before touching the food and tasting the food at least once before saying "No". They participated by "tearing up" the vegetables into pieces that would eventually be part of the frittatas, cracking the eggs (the first time for many of them), and "hungrily" watched as we put the ingredients together. Some of the veggies used were Swiss Chard, green onions, dinosaur Kale, fresh parsley and oregano. The end result was that they got to eat! They loved that part of the lesson.

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