Thursday, August 9, 2012

San Diego Public Market Coming Soon!

Could not be more pleased to see that San Diego will be having a Public Market coming to town very soon! If you've been to the one in Seattle or Barcelona, you know what I mean. There are big plans that include everything from large farmers' stalls that will be filled with fresh fruits and veggies, a variety of fresh fish, grass-fed beef, flowers, jewelry, deli items and so much more. In addition to all the wonderful food items, there will be a chance for people to stroll around and hear performing musicians as the enticing smells of fresh foods and flowers fill the air.
The fun starts now as development is underway. For those of you reading this blog post, it would be appreciated if you spread the word!  We look forward to seeing this market really bloom, so we need everyone's help in doing this!
Over the past couple of years, I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Catt White. Aside from being one of the markets founders, she also is in the "know" when it comes to San Diego's food scene and she manages several farmers' markets in town. My favorite: Little Italy Mercato market in Littly Italy on Saturday mornings! The other founder is Dale Steele. She is a serial entrepreneur who has promoted development of the San Diego Public Market for more than ten years. She is an experienced retailer, co-founded a prominent architecture and planning firm, and created and sold a successful niche publication.

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