Monday, September 24, 2012

The great city of Amsterdam

Yesterday was my first experience in Amsterdam. This magnificent city was named for its physical configuration which is in the shape of an irregular square or Dam which dates back as far as 1204. Gysbrecht II did in fact construct a dam, which became the site of his castle. Amsterdam became well known for its commercial exchange and grew in importance from 1585 to 1595!

Such history as the Spanish Inquisition of Flanders and many years of the onslaught of Spanish cruelty was enough reason for thousands of skilled workmen to leave Flanders for Holland, hence the population of Amsterdam grew enormously in people and power. The power of Amsterdam grew from several things such as the decline of Antwerp, the continued growth of the Dutch naval power and the founding of the Dutch East India Company. All of these events led Amsterdam in taking the role of first commercial city in Europe in the 17th Century. 
Did you know that Amsterdam has nine restaurants with Michelin stars? And if you are looking to eat healthy delicious food, Amsterdam is known to have excellent vegetarian and organic restaurants, special farmers markets and a Nieuwmarkt every Saturday.
As far as annual culinary events go, they have plenty like Rolling Kitchens (food trucks), Restaurant week and a special food-related event called Week of Taste. 
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