Friday, October 12, 2012

Combining seasonal foods with healthy choices

So what do seasonal foods and healthy choices have in common? So much! I’m sure you’ve heard it all, like “XYZ market is so expensive and we are on a tight budget” or “everything is so expensive, we can’t afford to eat that way”. True on several counts that food is quite expensive – depending where you shop, but you can eat well and at the same time know that you aren’t breaking the bank so to speak. Also, it is understandable that after a long day of work sometimes the last thing you want to think about is cooking dinner. But, stop and think about it. You do have options and many times you’re probably thinking, “I long for a home-cooked meal” or “I miss the foods I ate when I was growing up” or “I miss Mom’s cooking”. Who says you can’t do it yourself and be wise in making good food purchases too.

Did you know that eating seasonally and locally is typically less expensive? These items simply require less work for shipping/transportation. You can learn more about the benefits from websites like In addition, if you shop at a local farmers’ market, your supporting an awesome cause, you’ll be eating well and making those local hard-working farmers happy too. If you don’t know where a farmers’ market is around where you live, you can check out:

Have you thought of why we have pumpkins in the Fall and why we have strawberries in the Summer?  It typically doesn’t happen that you decide to make pumpkin pie in the summer, at least not fresh, although you can. There is scientific evidence that indicates that vegetables or fruits that are not in season will be different nutritionally than those that are in season. Shouldn’t that be reason enough to shop, eat locally and save a little money at the same time? If you don't know what is in season, check out this seasonal fruit/vegetable calendar too.

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