Monday, October 29, 2012

Cookies from the CIA!

While shopping for my husband’s birthday, I happened to “spy” a baker at the San Diego Public Market rumored to bake some of the best tasting desserts in town.  It didn’t take a covert operation to meet Lydia, who operates Sweet Lydia’s desserts. My final opinion is that you’ve got to try what she’s baked up for you!

A brief encounter with Lydia’s culinary talents led me to a few more facts:

¨     Lydia gained her culinary wisdom by being professionally trained at the CIA or in layman’s terms: The Culinary Institute of America in New York!
¨     This CIA has served as the standard of excellence for a professional culinary education, such as the one Lydia has, for more than 60 years.
¨     I also found out that she uses only the best in quality including organic ingredients that are creatively harmonized into sumptuous treats.
¨     Another conclusion is her business is located in beautiful Coronado -- just another reason to discreetly take a drive to the beloved little peninsula just south of San Diego to enjoy a wonderful sunset with a sweet confection.
¨     Lastly, Sweet Lydia’s happens to be an artisan baking company who does all their business by delivery.

It’s important to note that other vendors at this market are excellent purveyors of food specializing in the best tasting products for their customers – and believe me, they do! Sweet Lydia made a variety of cookies for my soiree, which included classic chocolate chip cookies, Snicker doodles, gingersnaps – but, she also did something unexpected when I learned she added some pumpkin chocolate chip and a new cookie she’d been working on called carrot cake cookies to my order!

If you would like to learn more about how the CIA’s training led to Lydia’s foreseeable success, check out her website at: You will be so glad you did! The evidence speaks for itself. Found below is a tasty combination of superb cheese from Venissimo Cheese and some of Sweet Lydia's cookies.

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