Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Magic of Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs & Spices

There seems to be a disconnect between what we know is good for us nutritionally and what we choose to eat anyway. I'm pretty sure that most people who walk into a supermarket know that a box of cereal like, "Fruity Pebbles" or "Cocoa Puffs" is generally not good for you. 
But, did you know about the fantastic beneficial effects of the chemicals contained in fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices? Here is a list of a few of these foods.

Preventing cataracts and macular degeneration in the eyes for example?
  • Eat more Kale and other dark green vegetables that contain the carotenoid, lutein as well as corn and citrus fruits that contain the carotenoid, zeaxanthin. (These carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that protect against these eye conditions).
How about wanting to prevent the development of heart disease?
  • Eat more grapes and other berries that contain anthocyanidins which are chemical compounds that make up the pigmentation of various fruits like grapes and berries. They have antioxidant properties that assist in powerful healing inside the body, particularly the heart.
And preventing the development of cancer and reducing DNA damage?
  • Eat more tomatoes, carrots and other orange and green vegetables. Drink tea and have some cabbage, daikon (white radish) and broccoli. These all contain important antioxidants that assist in the prevention of the above-mentioned maladies.
Prevent the growth of cancer cells and tumors?
  • Try eating more fruits and vegetables like grapes, berries, citrus fruits and mushrooms. Mushrooms are a great source of the antioxidant Selenium which works with vitamin E in order to protect cells from damaging free radicals. There is scientific proof that mushrooms also aid in fighting cancers.
Slowing down the body's removal of calcium from the bones?
  •  Try adding more onions and parsley into your diet.

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