Monday, October 1, 2012

The sites of Munich, Germany

Our last stop on our European tour was Munich, Germany.  This lovely city is known for a couple of events, but one that we specifically went to enjoy was that of  Oktoberfest.
The city is at the edge of the Bavarian Alps and was named after the Benedictine Clergy who made Munich their home in the seventh century. Did you know that Munich in English literally means “monks”? Interesting, right? These friars also were quite industrious because they established a small beer brewery business that clearly became quite popular, and hence, Oktoberfest was born.
Munich today is quite beautiful and has many sites to see. One particular area that we went to is called Marienplatz (Mary’s square) and it is known for its many lively restaurants and shopping areas. There is a new town hall in that area that has a big town clock and wooden figures that come out of the tower a few times a day. It is called a glockenspiel, which is a play of bells that depicts a royal wedding and celebration.
As for some of the foods found here in Munich? Sausage for one and that also comes with a nice side portion of potatoes. There are other specialties, which include schweinshaxe, a grilled pork joint, sauerbraten, which is a slow-cooked beef in a vinegar-type marinade, a variety of sausages and a variety of pretzels too.

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