Friday, October 19, 2012

What is the food forecast for the future?

Last night I was at a networking event where the discussion covered various topics, including food. In particular, a comment was made about how hospitals typically serve “bad tasting” food and in going out to dinner, food choices are not the healthiest. To some degree, both of these comments are true; but, times are changing and with that, so is our food.
With the growing concern over our nation’s health, we’ve got to create a clear path to making wise and healthier choices and I believe we are slowly making our way down the right path.
Hospital food has been given the “bad rap” far too long for being unhealthy and unappetizing. One of the many excuses given for the  unhealthy bland tasting food has been the mission of following the criteria of dietary concerns for ailing patients. Now-a-days though, the focus has been to give hospital food a “real food” makeover. You can read about hospital food in the article, “Healthy Food in Hospitals”. The promise of having better tasting and more nutritionally-sound food choices to eat in hospitals could not come at a better time, especially with our aging baby boomers.
As consumers are becoming more knowledgeable in regard to where their food comes from, the demand for sustainable, local food has increased. Another positive forecast for many restaurants is in how they produce and prepare their food. A great example of where many restaurants are headed can be seen in restaurant chains such as Darden Restaurants in Indiana where sustainability is the focus. Read about it in the article, “Sustainability at Darden”.
What is your perspective on the future of food and how important is this issue to you?

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