Monday, October 8, 2012

Why should you eat what's in season?

Here is a list of delicious and seasonal fruits and vegetables for the month of October.

It seems so difficult to see what is in season because there are so many choices at the grocery store now.  Unless you are up to date on what foods are truly in season, one would almost never know what those foods would be due to our increase in imported foods and larger grocery stores with more food options. So why eat seasonal foods and why do these foods contain a full-flavored taste along with a powerhouse of nutrition?

Here are a few statistics for you:

"Researchers from the Austrian Consumers Association confirm that vegetables picked and frozen when in season are actually higher in nutrients than those flown in out of season from abroad". 

The British Nutrition Federation reinforces the message: "We recommend that people eat fruit and vegetables in season," says their spokeswoman Sarah Stanner. "Fresh fruit and vegetables have higher vitamin C content, and they are also cheaper and more available.

"Vitamins degrade over time and with storage, so the fresher the better. Also, if things have been in transit for a long time, vitamin C levels go down. And the longer the shelf life of produce, the more preservatives you have got to add to it."

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