Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Brussel sprout hater to brussel sprout lover....

I get these great articles on Zite. A Zite app is an application found on different smart phones like the iPhone or Android for instance. This application is very unique in that it can ascertain numerous new stories every day while at the same time looking at different article topics while it shares them on the web. All of these Zite stories can even find the sorts of articles that are of interest to you and delivers them automatically to your device once you've downloaded the app.
But, I digress, the point I was going to make is that I found an article on Brussel Sprouts and ways to cook them so every Brussel Sprouts hater can become a lover of the vegetable. Believe it or not it can happen, and in fact, I am working on perfecting my recipe for these little veggies so everyone in my family loves them too. Check out the recipe I've attached. I also make another one from and add a little bacon and raisins with an extra crunch of slivered almonds....

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