Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blue Zones Update from Mason City, IA

I posted a blog post last month, (on December 3, 2012), regarding a Blue Zones project that was about to begin in Mason City, IA. Those that volunteered for this project would make a one-year commitment to the Blue Zones principles, which are based on lifestyles of five societies throughout the world — areas designated as Blue Zones — where people live the longest and healthiest.

To date, some of the latest happenings due to the Mason City project involve a group called YIELD (Youth Investing Energy in Leadership Development). This group encompasses high school juniors from MCHS, Newman and the Alternative High School who have been targeted to be future leaders by school administrators and faculty.

"Each YIELD student is responsible for getting pledges from at least 55 people. YIELD students will distribute blue wristbands inscribed with the words “YIELD-Blue Zones” to everyone we help to take the pledge.
When we first heard that Mason City was named a Blue Zones community, we didn’t really think much about it. At that point, we didn’t realize what an honor and what a big opportunity this is".

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