Friday, January 11, 2013

Can e-games help in the battle against obesity?

E-games are some of the latest gadgets that can potentially make a difference when it comes to fighting the battle against obesity.

According to researchers wanting to see how traditional P.E. activities would stack up against Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and another active video game called Winds of Orbis: An Active Adventure (Orbis), some interesting information was uncovered.

"The researchers discovered that on average kids expended more energy when they participated in the P.E. activities. But the team also found that for children in grades 3 through 5 the active video games also spurred them to move enough to meet the recommended intensity criteria for vigorous activity. That finding suggests that E-gaming might be a useful alternative to traditional physical education - at least for younger school children, Miller said. "

This could be a really good thing for younger school children, but not to forget that another vital part of the equation is: "What are they eating?" Balancing exercise with a healthy or at least moderately healthy diet is the only way to keep weight in check. But, does everyone know this?


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