Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wall Street Journal: Health Food Companies

Interesting article from the Wall Street Journal gives a break down of 10 things that Health Food Companies are not talking about with consumers. Food shopping can be overwhelming. What if you go with a low-fat soup or a low-sodium soup, which one is better and will one provide a slimmer waistline? Read about it here....

1)   "We're healthier than you."
2)   "Don't eat this while on prescription meds."
3)   "Healthful ingredients don't make a healthful product."
4)   "Our marketing terms are meaningless."
5)   "Your cooking skills don't help matters."
6)   "There's no such thing as guilt-free."
7)   "We're replacing, not reducing, 'bad' ingredients."
8)   "Our portions are on a diet..."
9)   "...but daily recommended values aren't."
10) "Take studies with a grain of salt."

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