Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why a fast-food nation needs slow food

This is a good summary of why a fast-food nation does indeed need a slow-food movement. You all know what the slow-food movement is, right? If not, you will be greatly pleased to learn more about it.

In this crazy fast-paced world we live in, it is good to seek out a few pleasures in life, like food! The food that Slow Food refers to is the opposite of fast food though. By appreciating every bite you take and savoring the food you eat, perhaps you will think more about the good things food does for our bodies and the world around us. So, read about why a fast-food nation is indeed in need of a slow food movement.

To recap on a few delicious morsels from the article, remember to:

1) Respect your food
2) Shop at farmers' markets
3) Be mindful of the foods you add to your shopping cart
4) Even if you have coupons and will save money, are the products healthy choices?
5) Eat in...such as brown-bag your lunch

Relax and stay awhile....

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