Sunday, March 3, 2013

A blissfully supernatural sandwich....

I stopped by the San Diego Public Market today to buy a little produce, check out the booths and eat something. Yes, it was the first meal I had today and was it worth it! You know when you are so hungry and you anticipate eating something really scrumptious and delicious? My palate was quite pleased with the peppery and piquant flavors that came from this sandwich called the Kraken. The combination of the well-seasoned, fresh mix of Pacific Stone and Blue Crab is enough to get your mouth watering, but add to that the buttered toasted bun, their flavorful relish and the added benefit of local farm greens and you have the makings of a great sandwich!

I had heard from various people who have visited the market to make sure and try the food -- and, I'm so glad I did. I simply love the passion that the owners display in the booth too as they are high energy, eager to answer any questions and above-all, they do want to give you a top quality sandwich.

A little about Supernatural Sandwiches? Essentially, it is the story of four individuals committed to the great idea of creating an excellent product for delivery to their patrons. Their sandwiches are made to order with local and sustainable ingredients that are sure to please.

Additionally, the menu is fun to read for the creativity put into it. The sandwiches are given the names of mythical creatures like the Nessie, Siren, Harpy, Hydra, Neptune, Kappa, Kraken and Vulcan. I've attached the mythical descriptions of the sandwiches just for fun. The idea that they use the names of mythical creatures was enough to peak my interest! Try them out, you will be enchanted!

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