Thursday, May 15, 2014

Food Companies and Nutrition Educators -- who wins?

It is unfortunate that with regard to so many things, it seems that the "Almighty Dollar" is the one that wins. In this particular case, for dieticians to continue to practice, they need to complete "x" amount of hours for certification/credits. They do this by attending their annual Dietetic Association meeting.

But, why is it that McDonald's is sponsoring this and providing lunch for this conference? It seems like a conflict of interest, right? It is in the best interest of food companies to keep those that speak against them, i.e., nutritionists, dieticians at a close range of influence, don't you think. It is incredible strategy on their part. But, at the same time, why aren't those that attend this lunch able to purchase or even bring their own lunch?

It speaks volumes of what the food industry is attempting to do by placing blindfolds on those that oppose them. But, once again, it is up to those attending the conference to speak out against it and do what is right -- bring your own healthy snacks or own healthy lunch. After all, if you are going to "talk the talk" you've also got to "walk the walk".

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