Friday, May 23, 2014

GMO labels cost families $800/year: Guess who paid for the study?

It is difficult to truly be unbiased with regard to making a sane decision -- pretty much about anything, but taking a closer look at the interests of those that provide the particular study, (such as the one attached to this article), is it enough to really make a good evaluation of your own? Do you have all the facts, are your statistics from a good source? is the article one that is reactive or does it really attempt to bring in all of the facts -- good and bad -- so you can make a reasonably good decision about how you feel about it?

Currently, there is so much talk about GMOs and labeling and so much more. I definitely agree that I want to know the source of where our food comes from -- as I'm sure most everyone does, but how do you know that the source you are getting your information from is a trusted source?

Upon closer evaluation, this article brings to light that there may be interests that are served that aren't completely impartial. Is that okay with you when you are making a decision or would you rather arrive at knowing you are making a smart decision based upon the interest and research that you've done.

"Moral: if a study produces surprising results that favor an industry position, look hard to see who sponsored it." Just a little food for thought....

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