Friday, May 9, 2014

Kids and healthy food

It is fascinating to note that according to the article, "If they know it's good for them, will they eat it?" kids typically reject foods that are good for them, precisely because they know it is good for them and more than likely does not taste good. This must also carry on through adulthood because as much as I hear people say they want to eat healthier in restaurants for instance, they still may choose foods that are not necessarily the healthiest. How do we make healthier food choices the default rather than fried foods for instance?

There still seems to be a stigma with vegetables for instance -- not everyone is on board with ordering roasted brussels sprouts or curried carrots or a variety of greens -- instead such foods as mac n' cheese (not necessarily bad, you just aren't aware of how much butter and cheese is used; if you made it at home, it could actually be much better for you since you would limit many of the fattier ingredients) or parmesan french fries or fried foods seem to be more satisfying and indulgent. It all takes time I suppose, but we've got to start somewhere and starting out with kids is the way to go since they still are malleable and amenable to try new things.

In addition to the above article, check out a couple more links on eating your veggies and why eating healthy is good, but still may not necessarily be the chosen default at restaurants.

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