Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The 10 Healthiest Food Pairings

It seems pretty amazing to me that we could pretty much go to any grocery store -- Ralph's, Albertson's -- and pick up foods that are currently not in season. What is the purpose of eating seasonally if we don't do precisely that and why should we care? Good question!

There is a reason why we have seasons and why foods grow at certain times of the year. Did you know that "eating in tune with the seasons isn't just a matter of sensuous asparagus suppers in June and preferring parsnips with your Christmas meal, there's also some evidence to suggest that your body gets more out of certain fruits and vegetables at certain times of the year.

Logically, the nearer your food has been grown to the place you live, then the less time it has spent on a boat, plane or lorry, and the more nutrients and vitamins it is likely to have retained since being picked. This is especially true in the case of vitamin C, which is notoriously unstable."

Imagine if people ate food in season and also paired it with other foods to bring out the most in that nutritious food? If this were the case, healthcare costs would not be skyrocketingly high and we wouldn't need to take pills to solve our problems.

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