Saturday, June 7, 2014

9 Expert Tips for Mindful Eating

Mindful eating -- thinking about what one is eating, now that is a concept, right? Especially with a hurried schedule, most people don't think about the food they are eating -- at the most, it is making sure to have a protein, vegetable/fruit and a grain? Who knows? The thing is there are so many advantages for eating mindfully --- better focus, productivity and just feeling good!

The following is a list of the 9 expert tips for mindful eating:
  1. Literally, take a seat -- don't eat on the run. Sit and enjoy the meal.
  2. Why not just do one thing -- just eat and don't get distracted by the T.V. or your smart phone.
  3. Try something different -- maybe eat with chopsticks or the hand that you normally don't eat with. This requires focus on your part.
  4. Eat with friends or family. Usually the talking prevents you from overeating.
  5. Really slow down, chew your food instead of just swallowing it.
  6. Don't go a long while without eating -- then you are famished and will eat anything in front of you!
  7. Eat snacks that aren't that easy to eat -- like pistachios. You need to work at getting them out of the shell!
  8. Drink water -- morning, noon and night.
  9. Don't rush -- take your time and enjoy the meal!

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