Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rethinking the word, "FOODIE"

Mark Bittman, an American food journalist, author, and columnist for The New York Times wrote this highly credible and accurate article on Rethinking the word, "Foodie"

As much as I also cringe at hearing the term "foodie" so freely used just about anywhere you go, who am I to say that I or you are a foodie? This is somewhere between where judgment automatically triggers something in me or there is a realization that I really need to understand what the term means as well. After all, if I consider myself a "foodie"-- which I do -- I better "walk the walk and talk the talk" -- that's not always easy. In general, our society eats poorly, we have far too easy access to junk food and so I choose to believe that Mr. Bittman's description of the term hits it home for me -- as I believe it should for the general public.

Foodie should be seen as someone who goes beyond just enjoying good food, but one who also appreciates the process of where the food came from, whether or not the food was produced sustainably and fairly and is this food affordable for everyone.  In the true meaning of "Slow Food", which closely relates to what a "foodie" should be, it behooves us to follow in a food activist role to support and protect small growers and producers, promote biodiversity and be a better environmental steward. You don't have to be a politician or a famous author or speaker, just a citizen of this planet that cares to know where and how their food arrived on their plate. It is beyond looking at dinner as just dinner, but attempting to learn what it took to get that plate of chicken and potatoes to your dinner table. 

In Mark Bittman's closing statement: "we have to change not only the way we behave as individuals but the way we behave as a society. It’s rewarding to find the best pork bun; it’s even more rewarding to fight for a good food system at the same time. That’s what we foodies do." I'd like to believe that that's what I do too -- what about you? 

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