Monday, June 9, 2014

The Top 5 "Powerhouse" Fruits & Veggies

It seems that foods added to lists as "the best" or "worst" for you is fairly common -- and people seem to be led to believe that that particular chosen food is the absolute best one to eat. But, isn't this a trend? First there was Kale, now the latest trend is Cauliflower...all good by the way.

At times trends are good since they may give direction to choosing overall robust nutritional food choices, but research done on one's own behalf could be just as fruitful a project to find out about a fruit or vegetable that is not eaten as frequently as it should.

According to this list, Watercress is at the highest level for powerhouse food. But, all the rest on the list are good too. In fact, a variety of them are excellent choices. But, just because a nutritious fruit or vegetable is not on this list doesn't mean it should be disregarded -- great nutrition comes from blueberries, avocados, Mizuna (japanese greens) and more.....

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