Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Time Magazine: “Eat Butter.” Maybe in moderation, please?

Is there an easy formula to not only lose weight, but to eat a well-balanced diet? Not that I know of, maybe you do? In the article by Time Magazine: "Eat Butter." Maybe in moderation, please?  , their seems to be a drop in heart disease compared to what it used to be. Is that any consolation to where we are "health-wise" today?

How can we have a "healthy and balanced" relationship with food without fearing every bite you take? Then, what is healthy and balanced to some, may not be for others.

The bottom line seems to be to eat "whole, real" foods as much as possible and simply really limit the amount of processed foods one eats. Is that too big of a sacrifice for people to make? Maybe. How do we not listen to the media when it comes to eating such tempting processed foods? How can we make fruits and vegetables something that everyone eats -- rich or poor -- and at a price that is reasonable for everyone. Having access to whole and nutrient rich foods is absolutely the key to success for all populations.

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