Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 Foods to Improve Your Mood

Many times when a new week starts, it is up to you to set the mood for the week. Will it be a
stressful week or will it be a good one? Along the way though, it is helpful to know of some
foods that definitely work in your favor when it comes to setting the right mood for the week.

Check out the following 10 foods to improve your mood here:

1) Believe me, I've done the simple carb solution (like chips or pretzels) and it really doesn't
work. A good suggestion is pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are full of vitamins and minerals,
namely magnesium, which is also a brain food!

2) Dark leafy greens like spinach or kale. Not crazy for these in a salad? Mix it up and try
roasted kale chips or a delicious spinach salad with a little (moderate) amount of warm bacon dressing to add flavor.

3) Eggs are awesome! I guess I say that too because I just love them! You could make them
in a variety of ways. On the weekend, a good egg scramble with a little (moderate amount) of parmesan cheese and dark leafy greens with garlic and turmeric -- delicioso!

4) Carrots and celery are good choices. Aside from a healthy good crunch there are a ton of wonderful vitamins and minerals in them.

5) Omega 3-fatty acids. It has been found that Omega 3-fatty acids are wonderful an an anti-inflammatory as well as a "brain-booster" and mood stabilizer.

6) Flax seeds are magnificent little "power houses" for the body. There are so many
preventative ways they work in minimizing the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes
and more.

7) Whole grains definitely have their place in a healthy balanced diet plan. Such grains
as quinoa, oatmeal or brown rice are filling and a complex carbohydrate -- meaning they
also have good nutritional value to them due to their complex amount of vitamins and
minerals. These types of carbs are good at keeping you grounded and "level-headed".

8) Red peppers, papaya and kiwi fruit offer a good nutritional balance to any diet plan.
They are high in vitamin C and also help with minimizing stress levels.

9) Tea. Regular tea drinkers have been found to generally have lower stress levels than
others who don't drink tea at all.

10) Dark chocolate is the last...and also one of my favorites. Make it yours too. It has been
found that cocoa flavanols in chocolate actually boost mood and keep you thinking clearly.
Generally, one feels good too -- hard to beat that. The best part though...dark chocolate
could make you smarter!! How awesome is that!

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