Tuesday, July 22, 2014

8 Foods to Add to Your Grocery List

The following are 8 different foods you can pick up at the grocery store next time you are

It can be so confusing to see what foods are the best ones to eat and which ones you should
avoid. But, hard to go wrong with the following 8 food recommendations from nutritionists...

1) Cauliflower: Low calorie, immunity builder, cancer prevention, and more...

2) Avocados: Healthy fat, full of antioxidants and a superfood.

3) Almond Milk: Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

4) Water: The sustainer of life. Water is essential for many things; namely regulation of body temperature, lubricant for joints, good for blood flow, regulates blood pressure and more...

5) Cinnamon: Helps with blood regulation and an immunity builder.

6) Coconut oil: Improves blood cholesterol levels and helps maintain weight.

7) Beans: Full of fiber, minerals and vitamins.

8) Quinoa: Contains fiber, protein and plenty of iron.

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