Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Americans and Wellness Programs

In this article, "Poll: Americans Bristle At Penalties In Wellness Programs", there is no doubt that there will be some kind of repercussion to any form of wellness program penalty. Justifiable? In some cases, absolutely. What about those who don't participate in the program for whatever reason? Is it fair for them to have extra charges to their health insurance bill if those that are participating don't meet their company's goals? Clearly, it seems that there are details to "iron" out with how these programs are conducted.

By in large, it seems that most people are indeed supportive of having healthier choices offered to them in order to promote healthier lifestyle behaviors. But, for those not participating -- they may see being penalized with higher insurance premiums as unfair -- once again, justifiably. But, it will be interesting to see how these well-intentioned Wellness Programs work out in the long run.

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