Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Do you really value what you feed your body?

Life definitely can have its challenges, right? Whether you are single, you may not always have the choice to find the "right person" for you in a month...and sometimes even a lifetime! What if you are in a bad relationship, yes you can always seek to leave, but perhaps your partner may make that difficult for you. Then, there is the job -- what if you work in a place with a difficult boss or a co-worker that doesn't respect you, difficult right? Sometimes we do have control over the things that place us in uncomfortable situations, but sometimes we don't.

In feeding your body the right kinds of foods -- we definitely have control over that! Why should we feed our bodies well? First off, stop and think about how good your body has been to you. Did you wake up and get out of bed this morning? If so, thank your body for that. Did you have breakfast and/or take a shower before starting your day? I bet you did, then, thank your body for that. Did you have the capacity to actually see what you were doing upon getting ready for your day and did you hear when your alarm clock went off this morning, then, did you have the capability to turn your alarm clock off? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then, yes, thank your body!

So, if our bodies are good enough to get us through our day and night, why can't we treat our bodies better? Doesn't our body deserve it? This leads me to what we eat everyday. Just like you wouldn't splash water on your computer or sleep on a hard floor when you have a comfortable bed, why would you feed your body processed foods that give you no nutrient value?

We all know how stuff works for the most part, right? As simple as caring for a piece of fine furniture to cleaning your own home -- we normally place value on those things. Why can't we value what we put in our bodies too?

In placing value on those things that are important to us, we make that value -- invaluable and indispensable!

In closing, I leave you with this thought-provoking article on 10 ways to really treat your body like a temple.
  1. Sleep enough.
  2. Don't smoke.
  3. Eat organic/locally grown produce -- medicine for the body.
  4. Moderate drinking.
  5. Try to listen to your body -- hungry, sleepy, headache?
  6. Regularly see a doctor for checkups.
  7. Take a supplement -- like fish oil or calcium (in addition to a daily vitamin)
  8. If something doesn't seem/feel right with your body, get it checked out.
  9. Be good to yourself -- yoga, meditation, walk, read a book.
  10. Dress to reflect how you feel.

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