Friday, July 11, 2014

Making the most of your vegetables....

While it is true that most vegetables are not fattening and are super good for you -- that is great to know, right? Along the way of implementing more vegetables in one's diet plan, especially when it includes rearranging someone else's diet plan, i.e., husband, parents, children, it may not be received so well.

So much of what we don't know about trying new ingredients in our diet is that they may actually surprise us, especially if you use carefully crafted ingredients to go along with the vegetables. Example? Most people love potatoes -- but, one thinks of how they are prepared like with butter, sourcream and salt. Suddenly, your intention of eating healthier turns into disaster with all of those unneeded ingredients that make that potatoes calorie/fat content skyrocket and defeat the purpose of eating healthy in the first place!

Typically a potato when baked without all of that extra stuff is really good for you. On its own, a potato has little saturated fat, cholesterol or even sodium and additionally, it has a good amount of vitamins and minerals. But, what if you added salsa or used yogurt instead of sour cream to spice up your potato? Suddenly, the calorie/fat count isn't so bad!

Here is a good article on making good sustainable and certainly less fattening substitutes to your vegetables. Surprise yourself with new flavors for your palate!

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